2016 Erotica Finalists and Reviews

The following audiobooks were nominated in the 2016 Erotica Category. Reviews will be posted as they come in.

This category will be judged by Dee from Dee’s Book Blog. Would you like to join her? Send an email to armchairaudies@gmail.com.

Here are the nominees:

Erotica Banner 2016

  • Beg Tease Submit by CD Reiss, read by Jo Raylan
  • Beta by Jasinda Wilder, read by Summer Roberts and Tyler Donne
  • Control Burn Resist by CD Reiss, read by Jo Raylan and Christian Fox
  • Curing Doctor Vincent by Renea Mason, read by Noah Michael Levine and Erin Deward
  • Trust by Ella Frank, read by Shannon Gunn

Dee’s Book Blog’s full review

One thought on “2016 Erotica Finalists and Reviews

  1. Dee February 19, 2016 at 7:12 pm Reply

    I kind of feel like i’m cheating on this category because I’ve already listened to 2 of the 5 nominees

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