2016 Autobiography/Memoir Finalists and Reviews

The following audiobooks were nominated in the 2016 Autobiography/Memoir Category. Reviews will be posted as they come in.

This category is being judged by Jennifer from Literate Housewife. Would you like to join her? Send an email to armchairaudies@gmail.com.

Here are the nominees:

Autobiography Memoir Banner 2016

  • Born With Teeth by Kate Mulgrew, read by Kate Mulgrew

“Kate Mulgrew’s performance was as phenomenal as her memoir. Together, this experience reminded me of just how powerful and compelling a good memoir can be. I don’t often read much non-fiction. Books like this make me wonder why. I left Born With Teeth begging the universe via Twitter for a sequel. I want Mulgrew to keep writing her story. I will read anything she writes. If she narrates it as well, that will be the sweetest possible icing on the cake.”

Literate Housewife’s full review

  • The Courage to Act by Ben S. Bernanke, read by Grover Gardner
  • Ghost Boy by Martin Pistorius, read by Simon Bubb
  • I Must Say by Martin Short, read by Martin Short
  • Keep Moving by Dick Van Dyke with Todd Gold, read by Dick Van Dyke
  • Travels by Michael Crichton, read by Christopher Lane


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