2015 Children’s Titles (Up to 8) Nominees and Reviews

The following audiobooks were nominated in the Children’s Titles for Ages up to 8 Category. Reviews will be posted as they come in.

This category is being judged Miss Pippi the Librarian from Adolescent  Audio Adventures. Would you like to join her? Send an email to armchairaudies@gmail.com.

Here are the nominees:


  • Deep in the Swamp by Donna M. Bateman; Narrated by Tom Chapin from Live Oak Media

“I would recommend this title to any elementary or pre-school child and family. It’s a fun book packed in information about the Okefanokee swamp. It’s also beautifully crafted with a talented narrator and layers of sound to tickle the ear.”

Miss Pippi’s Full Review

  • Follow, Follow by Marilyn Singer; Narrated by Marilyn Singer & Joe Morton from Live Oak Media
  • H.O.R.S.E. by Christopher Myers; Narrated by Christopher Myers and Dion Graham from Live Oak Media
  • Josephine: The Dazzling Life of Josephine Baker by Patricia Hruby Powell; Narrated by Lizan Mitchell from Recorded Books
  • This Is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen; Narrated by John Keating from Weston Woods
  • Timeless Tales of Beatrix Potter by Beatrix Potter; Narrated by Katherine Kellgren from Tantor Media

“Listening to them one after another was a bit tedious for me. By disc three, I was ready to pull the plug on my player but I was so close to the end that I just finished. I think a short musical interlude between stories would have been lovely touch, but one story just followed another.”

Miss Pippi’s Full Review

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