1st Annual Listener’s Choice Award

Every year the APA gives an award for the Audiobook of the Year. While the name of the award would indicate that it is for the best the audiobook industry has to offer that year, the APA’s award is about marketing plans and sales figures. The Armchair Audies thinks this is sad and would like for there to be an award specifically for the author and narrator(s) whose work on a 2013 release epitomizes the art of audiobooks.

This year, we’re asking listeners and lovers of audiobooks to cast a vote for the BEST Audiobook of the Year. Let us know which audiobook and narrator came together so well that it knocked your socks off in 2013. All 2013 audiobook releases are eligible.

To vote for the best audiobook of 2013, fill out the form below by specifying the title, narrator or narrators, and a brief description of why you’ve chosen that audiobook over all other 2013 releases. Your descriptions may be featured on this website when the winner is announced. If you’d like credit for them, please add your name along with it.

One vote per person, please. The Armchair Audies will be keeping an eye out for voting malfeasance because we want to honor the audiobook and performance that truly captured our audiobook loving hearts. Votes we deem suspicious will not be counted.

The audiobook receiving the most votes will be named the Armchair Audies Listener’s Choice Award winner. While it may not be as fancy as an actual Audie Award, the narrator(s) will receive an award certificate from the Armchair Audies (assuming we have the means to do so).

Voting is open until Tuesday, May 27th at 12pm EST. Thank you for your vote!

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