2013 Mystery Nominees and Reviews

The following audiobooks were nominated in the Mystery Category. This category is being reviewed by Susie from Miss Susie’s Reading and Observations and Melanie from Overreader. Sign up here.


And When She Was Good by Laura Lippman and narrated by Linda Emond



Heloise isn’t an immediately likable character. Very bristly, defensive about her life (her public life and her very very private career life), and full of actions even she questions. But Lippman layers on more and more about Heloise, and I found myself way more in her shoes than I’d thought possible

Emond is a skilled narrator, and I always feel I can just relax when she’s reading the book.


The Beautiful Mystery by Louise Penny and narrated by Ralph Cosham



The mystery itself is adroit and complex, and the effect of the monastery on Gamache and on Beauvoir is compelling. Both men are dealing with the long fallout of a previous case, and being isolated has brought much of it to the fore. I was grabbed tight by their struggles and enchanted, as well, by the chants and the monastic community.

MissSusie’s Reading and Observations

He has a silky yet gruff voice that I love, his slight French/Québec accent is just enough to let us know where these books are set but not so much that the accent is annoying or hard to understand. Towards the end of this one Cosham really brings the raw emotions to the surface beautifully.


The Good Thief’s Guide to Vegas by Chris Ewan and narrated by Simon Vance




Ewan’s writing is bright and clean, and Charlie is self-deprecating and not as smooth or adroit as he’d like to be, a great character to hang out with, even though he’ll embroil you in all sorts of dangerous nonsense.

Simon Vance ‘s delivery is smooth and clean and engaging, and he picks up perfectly on the emotional sub-texts as well as the energy of the text.


Hush Money by Chuck Greaves and narrated by Dan Butler


MissSusie’s Reading and Observations

Dan Butler’s narration was good but I’m honestly not sure if it was award worthy. He had a few different characterizations but they weren’t always consistent, but his narration of the main character was well done and I felt he captured Jack’s snarky humor very well. I would listen to other narrations by Dan Butler.


The Nightmare by Lars Kepler and narrated by Mark Bramhall



The mellifluous Mark Bramhall reads the Jonna Linna series. He is a master of voices and tone, and there’s something very fluid about the way he narrates.

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